Professional Development / Continuing Education Credits

Coaches can gain credits by attending ABCA events

Professional Development & Continuing EducationThe ABCA offers Professional Development and Continuing Education Credit documentation as a part of the annual ABCA Convention. Coaches may request documentation by following the step-by-step process below.

"The ABCA Convention has always been about providing our coaches with the most coaching and educational resources possible," said ABCA Executive Director Craig Keilitz. "Numerous coaches that we have spoken with, especially at the high school level, have mentioned how beneficial this program is in helping them meet their professional development credit requirements. It is our goal that by providing this documentation, our coaches are not only gaining valuable coaching and teaching knowledge through our convention but also receiving credit for continuing their education and refining their skills."

Coaches may request to receive documentation by filling out the Professional Development Documentation Request Form prior to the convention or e-mailing after the convention. Documentation will include a letter verifying attendance & participation in the clinics as well as a certificate of completion. Coaches can request any additional necessary documentation through the online form.

At the conclusion of the convention, all coaches who filled out the form will have their attendance at the convention verified and the documentation sent to them.


1) Register for the ABCA Convention!

2) E-mail with your request -- please include your name, school/organization and if you would like to receive your documentation electronically or via postal mail.

3) Prior to the convention, if necessary, download and print the Professional Development Pre-Approval Packet and present it to your proper school or school district official in order to get the ABCA Convention pre-approved as an acceptable form of professional development.

4) Attend the next ABCA Convention.

5) Receive documentation after the conclusion of the convention.

Please Note: ABCA staff will verify attendance of those individuals that requested documentation prior to sending it. The acceptance of these documents as Professional Development is at the discretion of the school or school district.

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